3-Step, 12-Month Financial Freedom

Boot Camp

Congratulations! You are taking an important FIRST STEP to stop living with guilt, frustrations and headaches that come with trying to manage your personal finances. You owe it to yourself and those you love to find what thousands already have: FINANCIAL FREEDOM! If you are absolutely, positively ready to beat debt and build wealth, you have come to the right place!

As you read through all that follows please remember two things: When you work with Christian Financial Ministries you will find that

1. We will pray harder for you and work more with you than you expect.

2. However, you have to be willing to go deeper and stay longer than you expect.

This ONE-OF-A-KIND, life-changing, one-on-one, face-to-face, yearlong FINANCIAL FREEDOM BOOTCAMP is for you

  • Regardless of your age, whether you are young or young at heart
  • Regardless of income, be it a little or a lot
  • Regardless if you're single, married, divorced or even a struggling single parent
  • Regardless of your education

You will experience the environment, the knowledge, and the help you need to permanently CHANGE YOUR LIFE and your FAMILY TREE forever!

You will gain financial peace as you learn to

  • Recognize what financial principles and applications look like
  • Understand how these principles and applications can work in your life
  • Discover within you a new and growing source of strength as you memorize and meditate on "Life Issues" Bible verses
  • Apply (hands-on) these principles and applications to your personal finances
  • Share what you learn with others

You will receive professional

  • Education (The best education media and materials from the best financial authors
  • Teaching (Educators make simple things complex--but your teacher will make complex things simple!)
  • Training (Hands-on applications using your personal financial situation)
  • Coaching (Inquiring, questioning and accountability that helps you to think more clearly, gain alternative perspectives, and focus on your goals)
  • Mentoring (Takes coaching to the next level by providing educational instruction and direction in the area of personal finance)
  • Counseling (Help to understand how you and those close to you can better communicate and make financial decisions)

Although we can't make promises, following this program the average family or individual will pay off $5,300 in debt and put $2,700 into savings in only 91 days!

Are you interested? Then please read on!


Working together with your personal financial coach you will receive assessments and consultations to set the foundation to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and work to build and pass-on wealth.

First, you will complete and submit a detailed personal application to include

  • Financial Summary Survey
  • Spiritual Journey Narrative
  • Financial Condition Narrative
  • Personality Profile
  • Detailed Personal Information
  • Detailed Accounting of Average Monthly Income & Expenses
  • Financial Statement (summary of your assets and liabilities)
  • Detailed Creditor Information
  • Copies of your tax returns for the last two years
  • A recent pay stub

After your coach reviews your application package, you will receive

  • Two financial fact-finding telephone consultations
  • One face-to-face 60-75 minute consultation (if married, both husband and wife must attend)
  • Finally, one additional (optional) telephone consultation

During your face-to-face consultation you will receive verbal and written personality profile results that will help you understand how

  • You relate to money
  • Your spouse relates to money
  • You and your spouse can best relate to each other
  • You and your spouse can best work together to manage your finances

During your face-to-face consultation you and your coach will

  • Discuss our written summary of your current financial condition
  • Discuss a prioritized list of recommended life-style adjustments
  • Discuss whether or not the complete 3-Step, 12-Month Financial Boot Camp is the best option for you. If we believe you can benefit from other, less time consuming and less expensive alternatives, we will let you know. If we believe you can best benefit from the entire Boot Camp, we'll let you know. YOU will decide which is best for you and your family.


Six months of "in-house" personalized, VERY DEMANDING, HIGHLY ACCOUNTABLE, face-to-face financial education, teaching, training, coaching and mentoring.

Goal #1 : Establish a highly accountable process to identify and implement life-style changes to get out of debt, then work to build and pass on wealth. For six months you will work with your personal financial coach and mentor in our training center. YOU AND YOUR FAMILY will learn how to get a tighter grip on your personal finances by working with YOUR bills, YOUR insurance, YOUR investments and savings, YOUR checkbook and YOUR creditors. You will learn to set up and use a personal budgeting software program OR a personal budgeting notebook (YOUR choice).

Goal #2: You will start your "Life Issues" Scripture memory and meditating program.

  • The Bible is nothing if not eminently practical. Its teachings are relevant, and when applied to the tough issues of life, its principles have a renewing effect found nowhere else. In fact, we're told in 2 Peter 1:3&4 that the Bible contains all we'll ever need to live Christ-like lives in the here and now.
  • The challenge comes in knowing where to turn when the pressure is on--when you need specific guidance regarding a compelling issue. That's when it helps to have a reservoir of life-related truth stored up for instant access.
  • In the "Life Issues" memory and medication program you will find 72 passages of Scripture, all dealing with the pressing issues of daily life, including finances. By learning how to commit them to memory and reflect on them during times of need, you'll discover within you a new and growing source of strength. An influence that will uphold you when temptation strikes, provide guidance in times of decision, and stay your hand when uncertainty rages.
  • The "Life Issues" program includes 72 Scripture passages printed on small cards (in NIV, NASB,KJV, and NKJV), a packet to hold the cards, and an introduction to Scripture memory that will show you how to memorize and meditate on the Word of God. In addition, each section begins with an article offering practical suggestions for dealing with that issue, questions for meditation, and dozens of extra references for further exploration.
  • Here are your topics and article authors:
    Anger--Calvin Miller
    Knowing God's Will--Warren & Ruth Myers
    Self-Image--Ralph Ennis
    Dealing with Sin--Jerry Bridges
    Guilt--Charles Stanley
    Perfectionism--Lois Easley
    Suffering--Joni Eareckson Tada
    Depression--Geoff Gorsuch
    Sex--Stephen A. Hayner
    Money--Steve Thurman
    Stress--Charles E. Hummel
    Love--Ted W. Engstrom

In addition to all the above, you will

  • Develop and use a spending plan that really works
  • Work a step-by-step plan to get out of debt
  • Establish an emergency fund
  • Learn how to invest for the future
  • Learn how to remove stress that comes with financial problems
  • Learn and apply the secret to improving financial decision making
  • Learn to make wise insurance decisions
  • Take back control from creditors
  • Learn how to negotiate big bargains
  • Learn the best way to buy and sell a home
  • Learn and practice the blessing of giving
  • And much, much more!

Tools: Personal financial education, teaching, training, coaching and mentoring PLUS budgeting software, the complete "Financial Peace University" kit from Dave Ramsey, homework materials, and the "Life Issues" Topical Memory System.

Schedule: Twenty sessions--four sessions a month for three months, three sessions a month for two months, then two sessions a month for one month. Sessions are one-two hours each depending on content. All your sessions will be at the ministry training center. Sessions are normally scheduled to start between 9AM and 4PM Monday through Friday. However, some early morning, evening, and early Saturday morning sessions may also be available.


Six months of telephone financial coaching and mentoring (and/or additional face-to-face sessions as needed). Your monthly bookkeeping work will move from our training center to your home.

Goal: Highly structured accountability and life-style refinement. Continue with the Life Issues Topical Memory System.

Tools: Personal financial coaching and mentoring PLUS budgeting, homework materials and the Life Issues Topical Memory System

Schedule: Twenty-four telephone sessions--four sessions a month for six months. Sessions are 30-45 minutes each. Calls are normally scheduled between the hours of 9AM and 4PM Monday through Friday. Some early morning, evening and early Saturday morning calls may also be possible.


Once you successfully complete your Christian Financial Ministries Financial Boot Camp you become eligible to apply for and receive additional FREE training to become a PAID Christian Financial Ministries Financial Coach and/or Mentor.


Mr. Bob Louder: Financial teacher, trainer, coach, mentor


  • Distinguished Military Graduate from the University of Nebraska--Retired US Air Force Lt. Colonel.
  • BA (Business Administration) University of Nebraska, MBA University of North Dakota
  • Licensed Minister The International Ministerial Fellowship
  • Certified Christian Financial Concepts teacher and trainer
  • Certified Dave Ramsey Counselor
  • Certified Credit Counselor--National Association of Certified Credit Counselors
  • Organizations: American Association of Debt Management Organizations, Georgia Christian Counselors Association, Christian Legal Society, American Family Association, American Association of Christian Counselors.
  • International financial teacher, trainer, counselor, consultant and mentor
  • Developed five start-up ventures into profitable small businesses
  • Developed instructional/media materials for Christian Financial Concepts and Focus on the Family
  • National and statewide newsletters--national radio/TV experience
  • Founder and President of Christian Financial Ministries

Mrs. Lew Poteete: Financial teacher, trainer, coach and mentor


  • Christian Financial Concepts trained
  • Dave Ramsey trained
  • Lead Financial Counselor for Christian Financial Ministries
  • Office Manager for Christian Financial Ministries
  • Certified Credit Counselor--National Association of Certified Credit Counselors
  • Credit and Operations Manager--International Corporation
  • Owner--Georgia-Flordia Rental Properties
  • Owner--B & L Builders


FULL PROGRAM: You receive FORTY-FIVE (45) sessions, 33-60 hours of professional teaching, training, counseling, coaching and mentoring based on the 3-STEP schedules above. The cost is $3215.00

HOWEVER: Your FINANCIAL FREEDOM BOOT CAMP is fully customizable. You can add or take away either face-to-face sessions and/or telephone sessions based on your needs with corresponding increases or decreases in cost.

SPECIAL TERMS: Up-front cash discounts and no-interest payment plans may be available. Call and talk with Mr. Louder to build a program designed to meet your specific needs.

YOUR ABSOLUTE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you complete all the Boot Camp requirements and believe what you received and what you learned was not worth what you paid, you will receive a 100% refund of all that you paid us and you can keep all the materials and budgeting software you purchased from us.

EQUIRED AND OPTIONAL MATERIALS: The required and optional materials and software are listed below. Also listed are our discount prices. However, all the required and optional materials and software are also available from other sources.

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Membership Package (CD): (Required) $119.00

Larry Burkett's "How To Manage Your Money" (financial Bible study workbook): (Optional) $12.99

Larry Burkett's "Family Financial Workbook" (budget workbook): (Required) $12.99

Quicken Basic Software: (Required) $29.99

"Life Issues" Topical Memory System by Navpress (Required) $11.00

Homework Articles, Worksheets, and Exercises: (Required) $12.99 FREE


ARE YOU READY TO WORK HARD AND LONG TO GAIN FINANCIAL FREEDOM WITH NO NEW LOANS OR BANKRUPTCY? You can learn Godly principles, receive Godly counsel and apply Godly time-tested applications that will help you understand the forces behind your financial distress, get on a budget, set realistic goals, and help make things right for you and your family--spiritually, financially and emotionally--for good!

IF NOW IS THE TIME, first, please call us(1-800-895-0512 or 678-797-9444) and speak to one of our financial coaches to discuss the Boot Camp more thoroughly. Then, if you believe NOW IS THE TIME for you to enter the 12-Month Financial Freedom Boot Camp, please complete and print (or print then complete)the five-page Boot Camp Application. (Please click here to bring up the Boot Camp Application.) NOTE: If you are married, both YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE MUST complete Page One of the Boot Camp Application separately down to and including the Personality Style Inventory. Then, please mail your completed Boot Camp Application package to

  • Christian Financial Ministries
  • ATTN: Boot Camp
  • 302 Old Clay Street
  • Marietta, GA 30060

We will be back in touch with you the day we receive your Application package!